Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Modern Lotus Deck

Here is a Modern format Lotus deck I threw together.

Moon Petal x2
Undead Horrors x3
Imp x5
Hungry Ghosts x2

Exorcist x2
Eater of Fortune
Soul Reaver
Evil Twin
Sewer Scum
Doktor Herrnberger
Reggie Mortis
Abysmal Wyrm
Feng Kan
Long Shadows
Abaddon the Destroyer
Xin Ji Yang (7 Fighting)
Green Snake and White Snake
Ming I

Pocket Demon x2
Larcenous Mist
Feeding the Hungry
Bribery x2
Hail of Skulls
Spirit Wrack x2
Tortured Memories x2
Death of 1,000 Cuts
Underworld Coronation

Flying Guillotine x2
Bite of the Long Teeth
Chi Detachment
Long Black Hearse

Insidious Plan x2
Sepulcher of Fiends

Desolate Ridge
Dockyard x2
Haunted Tomb
Medicinal Flower Garden
Mobius Garden x2
Nine Dragon Temple
Po Toi Islands
Precious Lotus Monastery
Whirlpool of Blood

The deck is really a smattering of new cards just to give them a whirl to see what if anything stands out.  For characters the Soul Reaver was OK, if you can wait through the 5 minutes of criticism of the artwork every time it gets played.  The deck really needs Assassinate adders to help the Reaver reach full effectiveness.  On one turn where there were no easy targets on my turn, the Reaver joined an opponents attack that looked like a guaranteed success to get the bonus before my next turn. Reggie was good when I got him into play.  Once he returned Feng Kan to play for a quick attack and then sacrifice to an Exorcist. Another game, he returned a 6 fighting hitter to set up the winning turn.  I did not get a chance to play any of the big hitters.

The events, states, and edges did not show anything new.  Tortured Memories was the game winner.  One bit of jank included in the design was the Chi Detachment to remove Mag from some characters to make them vulnerable to Spirit Wrack. 

Some people are claiming that Lotus is the strongest faction in Modern, or that it at least rivals Dragon Big Bruiser decks.  If that is true, it comes from the synergy of the cards and not from the strength of the individual cards.  This almost random deck of cards needs a lot of help to be consistently good.

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