Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Modern Hand Deck

Here is another sampler deck just to try the new cards in the Modern format.  The only theme to this deck is build up a big pool of [Chi] and use cards that benefit from it.  The Modern format really does not have many Hand characters that don't provide [Chi], so this isn't much of limitation to deck construction.

Shaolin Supplicants x5
Buddhist Monk x4
Temple Guards x4

Buddhist Gardener
Shi Ho Kuai x2
Kung Fu Master
The Iron Monkey x2
Jade Fox
Chin Ken
Master Hao
Green Master
Sifu Beumer
Li Po

Healing Earth x2
Violet Meditation x3
Rigorous Discipline x3
Shaking the Mountain
Breath of the Dragon
Blade Palm x2
Robbing the Kong
Eight Pillars of Heaven Array

Water Sword x3
Butterfly Swords
Dim Mak
Candle Training

Shield of Pure Soul x2

Venerable Apothecary x2
Garden of Peaceful Reflection

Dockyard x3
Kowloon Gate
Phlogiston Mine x2
Po Toi Islands x2
Puzzle Garden x3
Stone Spirals
Vale of Tears

The deck has a subtheme of Superleap which worked well.  The Temple Guards were able to take 2 sites using their Superleap fueled by a Puzzle Garden.

For the people who think that Venerable Apothecary is too big of a liability to play, in my experience, my opponents often end up seizing it.  Now you can use its healing ability for your own push for victory.

Water Sword worked well for one game.  On three occasions it gave me the Fighting needed to take a site including on the winning attack.  I don't think this makes it a top tier card, but it certainly is playable.  Mix it with more copies of Candle Training and you can prevent hand clog by discarding it as needed.  The hand clog is also somewhat limited as the return to hand effect is voluntary.


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