Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cave Network Tricks

Cave network:
If you control no Characters when an attack is declared against Cave Network, you may turn Cave Network to play a Character with a cost of 3 or less at no cost.
The ruling on using this card is that you can turn it at anytime in response to the declaration of an attack on this site, if you have no characters in play when you turn the Cave Network.  This means you could use the CN if you can eliminate characters in play in response to the declaration of the attack before you respond with the CN.

With the new timing rules, Cave Network tricks have a whole new level of options.  Previously, all effects were generated and then resolved with no opportunity to generate new effects.  So the only way to eliminate characters so a Cave Network was usable was to sacrifice the defending character(s) since sacrifices are done on generation.  Now new effects can be generated after each old one is resolved.  So this allows the defending player to use any number of damage effects to remove characters from play.  Example: Defender has a Cave Network with a Just Another Consumer with a BoBo Splitter in front of a Cave Network.  Once the attack is declared, in response the Splitter is sacrificed to do 1 damage to all characters at that location. Let JAC get smoked, and it is now legal to turn Cave Network to drop a 3 cost character.

Here are some of the other cards that could be used to set up the Cave Network: Final Brawl, Kunlun Clan Assault, Hail of Skulls, Nunchucks, Fusion Rifle, Tommy Gun, Nerve Gas (or any other direct character removal), etc.  The list is extensive.  I think this is going make Cave Network a much more useful card than before. I especially like Final Brawl.  This is just what the Final Brawl / Yakuza Enforcer deck needed.  I'll have to dust off Last Man Standing and inflict a new level of pain on my play group.

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