Monday, November 4, 2013

Modern Jammer Deck

Here is a Modern Jammer deck I built just to give them a try.  I had a limited number of cards available and just threw this together before GameHole Con.
Rhesus Pieces x2
Punks x5
Mad Scientist x5
Software Pirate x2

Curtis Graham
Dump Scrounger x2
Yul Gibbons
Test Monkey
Billy Zed
Stephanie Cinders
Kitty Kerosene
Machine Warrior x3

Scrounging x5
The Algernon Effect
Turbo Boost x3
Rabble Rousing
Chi Seeking Missile x3
Who’s the Monkey Now? x2
In Your Face Again x2
Out of the Barrel x3

Electro-Gauntlet x3
Bionic Enhancements

Payback Time

Simian Sanctuary

Feng Shui Sites
Dockyard x3
Endless Corridor
LaGrange Four
Manufactured Island x3
Martyr’s Tomb x2
Temple of Celestial Mercy
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Valley of Ashes

The main thought was to get out a Machine Warrior and have lots of tech cards available to feed to it.  Temple of Celestial Mercy and Software Pirates were here to help with the card flow.  Ideally more Salvages should be in this deck too.  
In the game I played, Kitty was a star primarily because of being Unstoppable.  One of the other decks was a Hand Toughness deck.  She really messed up that deck.  Yul was also a highlight.  He cooked up free Punks and a Manufactured Island in his lab.  The final winning cards were Kitty with an Electo-Gauntlet that charged for a couple turns.  She then attacked with the Algernon Effect for the win. 

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