Monday, November 4, 2013

Modern Dragon Deck

So here is the Modern format Dragon deck that I built.  It was made with just Combat in Kowloon and Reloaded cards along with promos.

Student of the Dragon x5
Junkyard Boys x5
Tech Squad x3

Major Prescott Rogers x2
Chinese Doctor x2
Prince of the Ice Pagoda
Dr. Amanda Snow
Shang Bojing x2
Big Bruiser x2
Inspector Will Zhurong

Never Found the Body x2
Dirk Wisely’s Gambit x2
Final Brawl x4
Never Surrender
Open a Can of Whupass x5
Back for Seconds x3
Stunt Driving x2
“Is That All You Got?”
Golden Comeback x2

Shadowy Mentor
Feng Shui Sites
Gambling House
LaGrange Four
Manufactured Island x2
Martyr’s Tomb
Medicinal Flower Garden
Mirrored Lake
Mobius Gardens
Precious Lotus Monastery
Temple of the Angry Spirits
The Iron Palace
The Red Lantern Tavern
Whirlpool of Blood

This deck basically is Open a Can of Whupass and Back For Seconds for making a really buff Character and attacking with it twice.  I personally like Shang Bojing in this deck.  When he opens a can for 13 Fighting with Guts, it goes pretty far.  But in one game, I was even able to take out an early Great Wall using stunt driving Junkyard Boys with a can and coming back for seconds to finish it off.

When I built this deck, I found it was really unfortunate that the CiK deck was a vehicle deck and the best character in Reload was the Big Bruiser.  This anti-combo really limits the deck building options for Dragons.  For the foreseeable future all Modern Dragon decks are going to revolve around the Big Bruiser.  This deck certainly uses him, but does not rely exclusively on him. 

With the two new sets available, I need to put in some Fortune Favors the Bold, Heroic Bloodshed, and Fighting Spirit cards.

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