Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plattecon 2011

Back in March was the Wisconsin State Championship held at Plattecon.  We had a record turnout of eight players this year.  Our regular crew of Willow, Tim, Rebecca, John, and me were joined by Chris and Jeff from Milwaukee and Matt who drove all the way in from Chicago.  So we had two rounds of two 4-player games and then a 4-player final.
Round 1:
Table 1:
Chris (Hand/Dragon goodness)
Jim (Jammer Rebel)
Tim (Lotus Detonating Corpses)
Rebecca (Monarch Fire)
Table 2:
Willow (Dragon / Monarch goodness)
Matt (Darkitect sacrifice)
John (Architect)
Jeff (Dragon hitters)
Willow won at table 2, and I won at table 1 with a Violence Junkie taking Chris's Arctic Fortress with the assistance of a Disco Inferno.
Round 2:
Table 1:
Willow, Jim, Jeff, and Rebecca.
Table 2:
Chris, Tim, John, Matt
Chris won at table 2 to get into the final.  I secured my spot with a second victory.  Two Deep Cover Rebels were able to sneak past the King of the Fire Pagoda and Dr. Amanda Snow using "Trust me, I've got a plan" to take Willow's LaGrange Four.  Rebecca had enough Game Points to sneak into the fourth spot in the final.
Final Round saw Chris push his way to victory with a Big Bruiser against Willows damaged Temple of Celestial Mercy.  Congratulations to Chris, the "Big Cheese"!
My deck was a slightly modified Rebel site destruction deck.  I chose this deck for the protests (rebels) going on in Madison and across the state for the two weeks before the convention.
Kill the Bill:
Foundation (13)
Just Another Consumer x5 (state workers)
Punks x5 (students & TA's)
Rebel without a Cause x3 (nonunion protesters)
Characters (12)
Buffalo Soldier
Curtis Graham
Two-Face (protest drummers)
Violence Junkies x4 (troublemakers planted by GOP)
Johnny Amok
Deep-Cover Rebels x4 (police and firefighter protesters)
Events (16)
Monkeywrenching x3 (senators leaving the state)
Disco Inferno x4
Who's the Monkey Now? x2 (FOX news discredited reporting – there are no palm trees in Madison)
"Trust Me I've Got a Plan"
Close Call
"There's Always One More"
Scrounging (Ian's free pizza)
Uprising x2 (Do you know what is actually in the budget repair bill?  You would rebel too)
Edges (6)
Frag the G! x2
Payback Time x2
Black Market Connections
Burn, Baby, Burn
Sites (2)
Bomb Factory
RedGlare Chapel
FSS (13)
Rust Garden x5
Ancient Stone Arch
Family Home
Hydroponic Garden
Pinball Arcade x2
City Hospital (UW Hospital)
Nine Dragon Temple
City Park (The Capitol Square)
The deck plays through a slow build up.  Attack sites where possible.  Disco Inferno can make an underpowered attack into a site taker.  Get some Violence Junkies into the smoked pile.  Build up to Deep Cover Rebels then start throwing waves of characters at the opponents.   With the fighting that comes back from the Rebels going down can be overwhelming.  Then use Uprising to start the attacks over.  Control the board with site destruction as needed.  The big weakness in the deck is its vulnerability to having the Uprising cancelled. 

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  1. This is a ton better than the Burn Baby Burn deck in my normal group that was not at all built to win games!